ONE8Y - Where Creativity
meets data

There is a place, about 180 cm above the ground, where every brand wants to go: Into the head of the target group. If you want to be successful in this in the future, you have to combine creativity with data and be prepared to discard what you have learned and turn activities around 180°. And this is exactly what we specialize in as an agency: On data-based ideas & innovative approaches that stay in your head! Whether B2C or B2B brand - with our ONE8Y Database, we provide the basis for precise strategies, creative ideas and ensure sustainable results with perfect project management. Whether digital, real or media. More about us, our agency and our client work, please check:


DatA qualitY

In our Sports Marketing Database, we only bundle and visualize data that meets our quality standards: Valid sources, objective and reliable.


ONE8Y is a one-stop shop: we identify areas with a demand for information, design the questionnaires, program the surveys, manage the global panel providers and visualize the insights.


We not only collect information for our database but also support our customers in collecting individual market, customer and competitive information.

High relevance

We are not only market researchers, but also consultants and creatives. Ergo, we know that data is only helpful if it has an operational surplus and leads to better strategies, decisions and ideas.

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